Know your Numbers


One of the most fundamental aspects of running a successful business is the ability to understand how the figures stack up, and how to forecast what your profit is going to be.

There are 3 types of business people:

Bill – has an innate ability with numbers.  He has an accountant he sees once a year, but basically he and his partner run the day to day numbers.   The Local Bookkeeper visits Bill once a quarter to complete his VAT return, and produce quarterly management reports. – His business is very successful.

Bob – Is excellent at marketing and selling, and can see the sales are growing favourably, however does not understand about running a business and profit – the business will struggle.

 Sandra – is passionate about her product and knows how it will be a benefit to a wide range of customers. Sandra has never has been good with figures, but has the insight to know that forecasting your profit  is very important, so she hires a Professional Bookkeeper from day one!  The business is very successful.

 Which one are you! -  investing in a Professional Bookkeeper is often a life line for most business, and does not cost as much as you may think!

The Local Bookkeeper will come and see you at a place and at a time to suit you. The Local Bookkeeper will assess your business, and come up with a tailored solution to meet your business needs and furnish you with information, which will enable you to make informed decisions about your business therefore make YOU more successful.

Kayden Dale is enthusiastic about life and her love of sports. He tends to prefer the outdoors, in general, but is very involved in SUP boarding. He is writing about The Local Bookkeeper Service Andover, The Financial Management Centre Andover and part time financial controller Andover to learn more about this referring websites, like

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